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Tim's Studio - Oakland, CA

This page contains music by Timothy E. Daniel. Tim composes and records music in his Oakland, CA home studio where he has been living since 2008. Playing tenor and alto saxophones, keyboards/synthesizers, bass guitar, electric guitar, melodica, percussive and other instruments Tim has hours of material ranging from ambient to progressive rock.

Tim moved to San Francisco with the progressive rock band Imagery Flux in 1991 from the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area. He grew up in New York State in Conklin (near Binghamton).

Tim's work has evolved through several projects and pseudonyms which are broken down here by each project. Most represent a unique style:

  • Timothy Daniel
    Contains progressive rock and jazz, often with vocals. Includes the bulk of the catalog of "more serious" works.
  • Media Lint
    Ambient electronic music with jazz and classical influence. Most electronic material is now under this moniker.
  • Paradox Axiom
    An ambient electronic/new age project consisting of two CDs "Jupiter" and "Sleep" released on in the late 1990s.
  • Uranium Playthings
    Dark, post-apocalyptic ambient electronic.
  • Fnord Motor Company
    A one hour CD project released on which featured nearly 60 short songs generally under one minute each.
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